Intense sadness or emptiness is exhausting and scary. Depression distorts how we see ourselves, others and our world. Causes may be unclear or difficult to understand, and others may not even be aware. It interferes with energy, enjoyment and motivation. Periods of shut down makes it harder to get back to routine and productivity. The impact on work, relationships and daily life create more issues. When depression isn’t going away or worsens in a vicious cycle, it may feel impossible to stop the suffering.

Common Depression Concerns:

  • Difficulty starting and completing tasks
  • Loss of enjoyment, satisfaction and motivation
  • Intense sadness, pain and fatigue
  • Pointless, worthless or hopeless feelings
  • Decline in personal care and daily function
  • Community and social isolation

Depression contributes to suicide or self-harm risk. If you or someone you know requires urgent help, please call the
Distress line at 780-482-4357 (Edmonton) or 1-800-232-7288 (Rural).

Depression Is Quite Common

Depression is one of the most common health concerns Canadians face. Everyone is hardwired for it, though experiences range from mild to severe. As concerns develop and persist, emotion issues start to block the brain’s drive and soothe systems. Recovery from depression requires moving one step at a time to regain function and satisfaction in life.

We Will Help You:

  • Understand the pattern of depression
  • Build motivation and regulation skills
  • Shift unhelpful or negative self-talk
  • Return to responsibilities and interests

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