Major Life Events

Major events are natural parts of life, some expected and many unexpected. Especially difficult situations make it hard to move forward. We may notice being on autopilot more than usual, with less energy and motivation. Mood issues may arise, such as irritability, anxiety or depression. It may be difficult to cope, meet responsibilities, or function as we used to. Navigating major life events is no easy task, made worse as it gets in the way of other interests and priorities.

Example of Major Events:

  • Human development, infancy through late adulthood
  • School, work, independence and retirement stages
  • Moving homes and communities
  • Relationship and family changes
  • Coming out
  • Injury, illness and disability

We all go through physical, role and situation changes as we grow into mature adults. Major life events bring stress and discomfort that pressure people to grow and develop. Everyone handles this differently, and most people do best with an adjustment period. When an experience is uncontrollable, overwhelming or painful, getting help to navigate the adversity is a first step. How we accept and adapt to change determines our future.

We Are Here To Help

  • Prepare and plan for anticipated events
  • Recognize and set aside unhelpful judgments
  • Learn skills to regulate stress, emotions and pain
  • Maintain resilience, healthy choices and interests

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