Logan McColl

Registered Occupational Therapist


University of Alberta MSc(OT), BSc(Psy)

Contact Info

Logan McColl

Adversity is a normal part of life that interferes with our ability to be healthy and productive. Success in personal, professional, and relationship goals can be difficult to achieve because of stress, pain, illness, or injury. Through an open dialogue, with empathy and understanding, I assist to determine practical strategies and solutions for how you want your life to look.


Current research demonstrates the close connection of mental wellness and healthy functioning. Balanced and productive functioning allow us to attend to health needs that support mental wellness. In turn, mental wellness allows us to handle stress and make good choices day to day. My practice brings together Occupational Therapy, assisting people to live and function at their best, with evidence-based psychotherapy approaches to encourage progress and optimize success.


In addition to my therapy services, I provide consultation, educational workshops, and client care with local communities and organizations. In my free time I enjoy art and music events, exercising, and catching up with good friends.

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