Chronic Pain & Disease

Living with chronic pain or illness is not easy and increasingly common with age. They impact how we live our life. Enjoyable activities may be limited, and typical tasks may be draining or frustrating. The impact can range from our goals and interests to taking care of ourselves and others. Anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns may develop. Unaddressed issues worsen and leave us feeling stuck in a pattern of suffering.

Chronic Health Concerns:

  • Fatigue, irritability or impulsivity
  • Loss of independence and activity tolerance
  • Sleep or personal care issues
  • Memory and concentration issues
  • Community and social withdrawal
  • Anxiety and depression

Chronic health issues affect anyone and many parts of life. Managing one or more is a daily struggle for more than 44% of Canadians. Despite the barriers of pain and disease, many people still live meaningful and satisfying lives. Shifting the pattern of dysfunction and dissatisfaction is possible with patience and effort.

We Will Help You:

  • Develop regulation skills to improve resilience
  • Build new strategies for desired tasks
  • Return to or discover enjoyable activities
  • Enable healthy choices and meaningful life pursuits

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