Mental Illness

Mental illness or psychiatric disorder can be difficult to understand and live with. The symptoms may be rare or never stop. One’s senses, feelings or ability to reason may be distorted. This in turn changes how we interact with ourselves, other people, and our surroundings. Loss of hope and motivation can lead to isolation and inactivity. Being stuck in a pattern of suffering with mental illness is confusing, scary and sad for both individuals and loved ones.

Mental Illness Concerns:

  • Impaired, disorganized or irrational thinking
  • Emotion dysregulation and impulsivity
  • Sudden changes in activities or interests
  • Sleep and personal care issues
  • Social and relationship issues
  • Addiction and other destructive behaviors

Mental Illness can contribute to suicide or self-harm risk. If you or someone you know requires urgent help, please call the
Distress line at 780-482-4357 (Edmonton) or 1-800-232-7288 (Rural).

20% of Canadians experience mental illness. 50% have one or more in their lifetime. More common kinds involve mood or anxiety disorders, as well as trauma, addiction, and psychosis. The causes and effects of mental illness vary between people, even with the same disorder. Historically viewed as untreatable, many people were subject to ignorance, misguidance and suffering. Clinical understanding and ability to help has come a long way. There is no easy fix, but with patience and effort there are treatment options. Clinical research largely agrees that medication and therapy combined is most effective to treat mental illness.

We Will Help You:

  • Build hope and motivation for a life worth living
  • Improve understanding of mental illness
  • Learn skills for symptom and illness management
  • Develop enjoyable and healthy daily activities

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