Relationship Issues

Individuals are complex, relationships even more so. Caring deeply about another person or a social role makes us more sensitive to others involved. We may struggle to make ourselves clear, intentions may be misunderstood. We can end up sacrificing our own needs, wants and respect. High stress and resulting fatigue make matters worse. As difficulties persist or become intolerable, it gets harder to navigate and resolve issues.

Common Relationship Concerns:

  • Irritability, defensiveness or frequent conflict
  • Avoidance, distancing or shutting down
  • Power and control imbalance
  • Loss of confidence and self esteem
  • Disturbances in work life and routine activity
  • Sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness

Humans are tribal by nature. Our social connections have a big impact as supports or stressors. The struggle to work together means we commonly have relationship issues over our lifetime. This commonly occurs at work or with friends and loved ones. Navigating communication breakdown is no easy task, but important to see our intentions through. A change in how we approach others is helpful to resolve issues and get what we want.

We Will Help You:

  • Develop effective communication habits
  • Build and maintain important relationships
  • Collaborate with others to achieve goals
  • Assert needs and limits with self respect

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