Youth & Family Mental Health

We need the most help from the ones we love. Families are deeply connected; one family member’s struggle is felt by all. Mental health issues impact youth differently than adults. Still developing independence and identity, navigating issues is uniquely difficult for youth. In turn, parents and families may be uncertain how to best help each other.

Example Youth Concerns:
  • Sleep and routine issues
  • Disorganization
  • Social or activity withdrawal
  • Anxiety and depression
  • School avoidance or refusal
  • Impulsivity and self-harm
Example Family Issues:
  • Communication breakdown
  • Chronic stress, pain and illness
  • Family changes
  • Relationship issues or conflict
  • Safety and risk concerns
  • Disorganized home life

Families go through a lot together, and dynamics change rapidly as time passes. Family experiences guide our path through life. Both youth and adults experience mental health issues along the way, but there are different biological and social factors. Youth frequently face unique challenges, and concerns range from hard to notice or very serious. Families that demonstrate understanding and model resilience help youth to navigate those difficulties. The commitment to take on challenges together looks different for every family. A calm space for difficult discussions can help your loved one or your family through difficult times.

We Help Youth:

  • Clarify interests, priorities and goals
  • Develop self-regulation skills
  • Establish effective routines and habits
  • Self express and assert needs appropriately

We Help Families:

  • Improve communication
  • Offer support to loved ones effectively
  • Set limits and negotiate with respect
  • Develop shared interests and activities

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